Anxiety at 3am

Icarus, breathe.
VCR tapes often rest half-wound,
but finished is better than perfect.
Icarus, the snowstorms on the screens
are here to pull you to sleep. Let them.
This afterglow of white noise from the big
bang is the first liminal space between channels.
Icarus, you will live in wax: raindrops
splattered across a black plastic desk.
Don’t worry about the ink that presses itself
into your fingerprints – all you ever required
to unbecome was a well placed kiss. Icarus,
do you remember the Voyager
and the family portrait of Earth it took?
The one from four billion miles away.
Remind yourself to be inspired
instead of green. There will always
be something that can fly higher than you
can. Icarus, forgiveness is self-
reflective, so don’t forget
to breathe.

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